Accepted Papers and Schedule

ICRTAC AIT - 2020 Selected Paper List As on 20/11/2020

S/N Paper ID Paper Title
1 7 Design of Automatic Credit Card Approval System Using Machine Learning
2 8 A MIMO based Compatible Fuzzy Logic Controller for DFIG based Wind Turbine Generator
3 10 Robotic Process Automation
4 13 Automatic Road Surface Crack Detection using Deep Learning Techniques
5 15 Hand signs recognition from cell-phone camera captured images for deaf-mute persons
6 17 Prediction of In-Cylinder Swirl in a Compression Ignition Engine with Vortex Tube using Artificial and Recurrent Neural Networks
7 19 Recent trends and study on perspective crowd counting in smart environments
8 20 Cloud Supported Patient Monitoring Framework
9 21 Short Term Load Forecasting Using Random Forest with Entropy Based Feature Selection
10 25 Hybrid Ensemble for Fake News Detection: An attempt
11 26 Survey Paper: Determining the performance of Machine learning Techniques in Healthcare
12 28 Analysis of Cache Memory Architecture Design Using Low Power Reduction Techniques for Microprocessors
13 29 Depth Comparison of objects in 2D images using Mask RCNN
14 30 Budget Constraint Scheduler for Analytics using Hadoop MapReduce
15 31 Ensemble Methods With Bidirectional Feature Elimination For Prediction And Analysis Of Employee Attrition Rate During Covid-19 Pandemic
16 32 Face Recognition With Mask Using MTCNN And FaceNet
17 33 Speech Audio Cardinal Emotion Sentiment Detection and Prediction Using Deep Learning Approach
18 36 An incremental productive Super Resolution of Images Using GAN method
19 37 Comparative Investigation on Acoustic Attributes of Healthy Young Adults
20 40 Constraint-based Parallel Clustering with Optimized Feature Selection for SDN-Enabled Traffic Anomaly Detection and Mitigation
21 44 Predictive Policing – Are Ensemble Methods more accurate than Regression Methods?
22 47 Classification of Malfunctioning in Homosapiens Fetus Lungs based on Congenital Genetic Disorder
23 49 High Scale Food Recommendation built on Apache Spark using Alternating Least Squares
24 50 Image Retrieval Using Bag-of-Features for Lung Cancer Classification
25 52 A Fast Method for Retinal Disease Classification from OCT Images Using Depthwise Separable Convolution
27 54 Real-Time Big Data Analysis using web scraping in Apache Spark Environment: Case Study - Mobile Data Analysis from Flipkart
28 55 Future Frame Prediction Using Deep Learning
29 56 Evaluation of Propofol General Anesthesia Intravenous Algorithm for Closed Loop Drug Delivery System
30 57 A study on the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic in the mental health of the common public: Machine Learning Approach
31 59 Machine Learning Based Categorization of Brain Tumor Using Image Processing
32 60 Feature explanation algorithms for outliers
33 65 Recognition and classification of stone inscription character using Artificial Neural Network
34 66 An Enhanced Computer Vision Algorithm for Apple Fruit Yield Estimation in an Orchard
35 76 PlantBuddy: An Android Based Mobile Application for Plant Disease Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
36 78 Developing a Cyber-physical laboratory using Internet of Things
37 82 Hierarchical Attention based Video Captioning using the Key Frames
38 83 Skin Cancer Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms
39 84 Review on technological advancement and textual data management algorithms in NLP and CBIR systems
40 87 Arduino board based wireless controlled Seed Sowing Robot
41 88 Performance Analysis of Naive Bayes Algorithm for Detecting Spam Emails
42 92 Information Retrieval using n-grams
43 93 An Automated DSS-Miner for Intuitionistic Trapezoidal Fuzzy MAGDM Modeling with Constraint Matrix Games
44 95 Disaster Mitigation using a Peer-to-Peer Near Sound Data Transfer System
45 97 Rainfall based Crop Selection Model using MapReduce based Hybrid Holt Winters Algorithm
46 98 IoT based Sheep Guarding System in Indian Scenario
47 101 Comparative Analysis of Wireless Communication Technologies for IoT Applications
48 102 MADLI : Mixture of various automated deep learning classification for paddy crop images
49 104 Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis with InceptionResNetV2, Xception and EfficientNetB3
50 107 Human Emotion Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks with Hyperparameter Tuning
51 116 An Optimal Steering Vector Generation using Chaotic Binary Crow Search Algorithm for MIMO System
52 117 Deep Learning Based Classification System For Recognizing Local Spinach
53 119 IoT Based Auto-Disinfectant Sprinkler System for Large Enclosed Space
54 120 Predictive Analysis from Wearable Biosensor Data using Machine Learning Techniques
55 121 Implementation of Pupil Dilation in AI Based Emotion Recognition
56 122 A Generalized Comprehensive Security Architecture Framework for IoT Applications against Cyber-Attacks
57 123 Compassion Detection from Text: A Comparative Analysis using BERT, ULMFiT and DeepMoji
59 125 Person Re-identification using Deep Learning with Mask-RCNN
60 128 Efficient Algorithm for CSP Selection Based on Three Level Architecture
62 132 Psycholinguistic Evaluation of ASC Based Semantic Similarity Measures
63 135 A Novel Approach for Initializing Centroid at K-Means Clustering in Paradigm of Computational Geometry
64 136 Intelligent Forecasting Strategy for COVID-19 Pandemic Trend in India: A Statistical Approach
66 139 Identifying Mood in Music using Deep Learning
67 141 Consanguinity in Risk Assessment of Retinoblastoma Using Machine Learning
68 142 Detecting Human Emotions through Physiological Signals using Machine Learning
69 143 Referring Expressions in Discourse Structure: A Study of Local and Global Focus
70 149 Retinal Vessel Segmentation and Disc Detection from Color Fundus Images using Inception Module and Residual Connection for Glaucoma Analysis
71 151 Human Emotion Detection through Hybrid Approach
72 153 Computation of Biconditional Cordial Labeling of Super Subdivision of Graphs
73 160 Covid-19 Pandemic Review: Future Directions On Detection Of Coronavirus Using Imaging Modalities And Computational Intelligence
74 161 Survey on fusion of audio-visual information for Multimedia event Recognition
75 162 A Hybrid Ensemble Prediction Method for Analyzing Air Quality Data