ICRTAC CVMIP - 2021 Selected Paper List As on 01/11/2021

S/N Paper ID Paper Title
1 4 Integrated Smart IoT Infrastructure Management using Window BlockChain and Whale LSTM Approaches
2 5 Leak Detection and Corrosion Identification in Water Tubes, Gas Pipes by Mobile Robot
3 7 Face Expression Based Student Engagement for Classroom Analysis
4 8 FConvergence-Perceptual Model for Computing Time-series-Data on Fog-Environment
5 9 Localized Super Resolution for Foreground Images using U-Net and MR-CNN
6 10 SMS Spam Classification Using PSO-C4.5
7 11 Automated Sorting, Grading Of Fruits Based On Non-Destructive Quality Assessment Using Hyperspectral Imaging and Deep CNN Model
8 14 Pest Detection using Improvised YOLO Architecture
9 15 Prediction of Breast Cancer using Semi Supervised Approach
10 17 A Comparison of D-STATCOM Control Algorithms
11 18 Classification of Fungi Effected Psidium Guajava Leaves using ML and DL Techniques
12 20 Artificial Cognition of Temporal Events using Recurrent Point Process Networks
13 23 On the Performance of Energy Efficient Video transmission over LEACH based protocol in WSN
14 24 Hybridization of Texture Features for Identification of Bi-lingual Scripts from Camera Images at Wordlevel
15 28 Advanced algorithmic techniques for Topic Prediction and Recommendation – An Analysis
16 29 Implementation of an Automatic EEG Feature Extraction with Gated Recurrent Neural Network for Emotion Recognition
17 32 High Performance Classifier for Brain Tumor Detection Using Capsule Neural Network
18 34 Smart and Contactless Person Identification System
19 39 Mining suitable symptoms to Identify Disease using Apriority and NBC
20 42 Background Features Based Novel Visual EGO-Motion Estimation
21 45 Self Balancing Robot using Arduino and PID Controller
22 46 Filtering Electronic Mail for Spams Using Logistic Regression Machine Learning Model: A Comprehensive Study
23 47 A Survey Based On Online Voting System Using Blockchain Technology
24 48 Survey on collaborative filtering technique for recommender system using deep learning
25 52 A Novel Hand Gesture Recognition for Aphonic People using Convolutional Neural Network
26 53 Comprehensive Analysis of Defect Detection through Image Processing and Machine Learning for Photovoltaic Panels
27 54 Identifying Diabetics by Retinal Image Classification Using ROI
28 55 COVID Analysis Prediction Using DenseNet Method in Deep Learning
29 59 Memory Augmented Distributed Monte Carlo Tree Search Algorithm Based Content Popularity Aware Content Recommendation Using Content-Centric Networks
30 64 Enhancing Protection against Scalper Bots with ML
31 65 Distracted Driver Behaviour Recognition with Computer Vision using Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Real World Application
32 68 An Enhanced Optimized Abstractive Text Summarization Traditional approach employing multi-layered attentional StackedLSTM with the Attention RNN
33 73 Adaptive Multi-scale Decision Fusion of Microcalcifications on Mammograms
34 77 Implemenation of Machine Learning Methods on Data To Analyze Emotional Health
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